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Start your free days Read preview. Carousel Previous. If you select multiple sections on any plane, they must intersect. The tutorials at the end of each chapter will allow you to jump right and start using the important features of the software. They first discuss an update to wxWidgets and a bug fix update in GCC.


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Tip: Use Loft to create complex, organic shapes for the automotive, marine, and consumer products industries. Uses for loft features Create a solid feature or new body. Sections in lofts After you create the required initial two sections, you can create any number of sections to create the required shape.

To control the loft shape between sections further, you can: Add weight to a section. No weight Both sections with equal weight factors To guide the sections, use loft rails.

Part faces or points in loft feature For beginning and ending sections, you can select nonplanar or planar faces. Note: When selecting a point, do not select the geometry the point is attached to. In this image, we picked the spline instead of the endpoint:. To create a sharp termination point, use Loft to a point with the Sharp Point condition default.

To create a more rounded termination, use Loft to a point with the Tangent condition and a weight factor. To create a rounded termination tangent to a plane, use Loft to a point with the Tangent to Plane condition, and a weight factor.

When specifying a centerline with a point section, the centerline must pass through the point section. For best results, pass it near the middle of the neighboring section. Lofts between two-point sections must include an interior section to define the shape.

Transitions from one section to next To set a boundary condition, use the Conditions tab. In this example, both loft sections are set to the default Free Condition value. There is no angle or weight factor applied. In this example, both sections are set to the Direction Condition. The rectangular loft section has a weight factor of 10 10x and the circular section has a weight factor of 5 5x. The transition angle value is 90 degrees for both sections. Both sections have a weight factor of 10, and a transition angle of 90 degrees.

Both sections have a weight factor of The rectangular section has a transition angle of 90 degrees perpendicular transition. The circular section has a transition angle of degrees planar transition. Both sections have a weight factor of 10, and a transition angle of degrees. To understand the effect of your design requirements on the loft feature, experiment with: The distance between sections.

Sections that are not aligned along a straight vector. Sections that start or end at a point. Note: High weight values can result in twisting of the lofted surface, and cause a self-intersecting surface.

Typically, you use a weight factor set to a value from 1 to 20 to achieve the required shape. To minimize shape distortion, set work points on each section. Then construct rails, 2D or 3D curves, through the work points.

Rails or centerline in loft shape Rails are 2D curves, 3D curves, or model edges that specify the loft shape between sections. You can add any number of rails to refine the shape of a loft. A rail affects the entire loft body, not just the section vertices which it intersects. Neighboring rails influence section vertices without rails.

Rails must intersect each section, and must terminate on or beyond the first and last sections. When generating the loft, the software ignores any portion of a rail that extends beyond a section.

Extending a rail beyond a section is a useful technique to achieve a smooth shape. Rails must be tangent continuous. In this example, two rails extend beyond the start and end sections to achieve a natural transition.

A centerline is a type of rail to which the loft sections are held normal, which causes behavior similar to that of a sweep path. Centerline lofts maintain a more consistent transition between the cross-sectional areas of selected loft sections. Centerlines follow the same criteria as rails, except they need not intersect the sections, and you can select only one.

Merge Tangent Faces options When loft sections contain vertices, the resulting loft contains multiple faces separated by edges created between the section vertices.

Sometimes a loft represents a complex, organic shape, as in some in consumer products. Such edges are often unwanted, especially between G1 tangents or G2 smooth faces. To remove unwanted edges between tangent or smooth faces, where possible, use the options for Merge Tangent Faces.

Note: When you use a centerline, curve merging is automatic. Sheet metal design: Design sheet that is solutions that are complex products. Shape Generator: You specify the function while Autodesk Inventor Inventor creates the sort that is perfect. Parametric modeling enhanced : The focus in style, maybe not the screen. Assembly modeling: Put it all together, in fewer steps. Drawing creation: Quickly create clear and drawings detailed. Design automation: Automated product configuration: Item configurators without complex development.

Assembly and part design automation: Automate component that is the feature that is common. Component generators and calculators: Design more accurately with calculators and generators which is often the component. Automated frame design: Quickly test and design structures that are structural. Data management: Work with a file supervisor made merely for designers. Simulation and visualization Simulation and visualization: Exploded views and animations: Expose all of the parts that are appropriate your design.

Visualization and rendering: Create photorealistic renderings of the product. Enhanced performance Improvements contain faster layouts conversation and speedier time that is available files which are significant speeding up the look process.


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Issue: You are having a download failure error, similar to previous releases, that are causing installation errors of your product.

However, the Autodesk Virtual Agent does not yet list the products available for Work-Around: Until the Virtual Agent is updated, we collective peers will try to provide Official direct download links from Autodesk.

This list may be updated as needed and links may or may not work as products are released. If you have an official direct download link, that is tested and working, or have a URL of a direct download link that should work once the products are released, then please feel free to update the links in the comments below.

Please only use official Autodesk links. Piracy is not tolerated here. AutoCAD English 32 bit. English 64 bit — Part 1 English 64 bit — Part 2. English 64 bit. Inventor Professional x64 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. Go to Solution. Solved by TravisNave. Solved by DarrenP. Solved by Darin. Inventor View Download. Recap Pro Download. Okay, Mark. Lancaster , DarrenP , pendean , Darin.

Let’s grow the list and link here for relevant download errors — just like last year. I figure these should start trickling in. And they might expire and need updating as needed — just like last year. TravisNave Why do you need our help? Otto was right on the mark about you having an issue with Revit.. Otto should be able to assist. My vote..

Mark Lancaster. Did this resolve your issue? Please accept it “As a Solution” so others may benefit from it. Yeah, Otto is killing me. I was hoping I could get some sort of exception to him on my threads.

With the product download failures, I feel like this will end up being a good short-term resource just like it was when Darin started it last year. I should make a Macro to it now while I am thinking about it.

Perhaps we can get natasha. This is great! Yeah, and as products continue to come out they can be added. Part 1. Part 2. Note: I also want to point out that the Product Keys for are using the letter J this release year. Running into a lot of issues about this over the past few weeks.

People are still trying Lancaster can verify a great one I had today. Thanks for starting the thread. The Virtual agent will be updated in the near future, early next month in the plan. Sorry for the delay. It seems you have all of the applications that are released thus far. I guess we’ll need to post the new ones as they’re release. If this information was helpful, please consider marking it as an Accepted Solution by using the Accept as Solution. In addition to the virtual agent and the links posted above, here’s a video showing the process to take via Autodesk Account.

Scooch11 ; natasha. Can one of you temporarily pin this post to the top of the board until the Virtual Agent is updated? Vault Pro Server. Vault Pro Client.

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