Microsoft word remove draft watermark 2013 free download. Complete Tutorial to Remove a Watermark in Word on Mac and PC

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How to Remove Draft Watermark from Word Document Easily

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Let us see the easiest method to protect the whole Word document. Here, you will see an option of “Protect Document”. Click on it. Step 2: There are different kinds of protection that you can apply to the Word document.

As we want the watermark to be non-removable, click on “Restrict Editing”. Step 3: Now, you will see different options for restricting editing. Tick on the second option of “Editing Restrictions”. You will see “Allow only this type of editing in the document”. Set it to “No changes Read-Only “. It will ask you for a password which you need to rewrite to confirm.

After entering the password, click on “OK”. Then save the document to save the changes made to it. Note: There is another method to add protection and restriction to a Word document, but it is hidden under the section of “Developer”.

It is known as “Picture Control Content”. With the help of this feature, the watermark on the Word document can be made non-removable. The only reason that you can’t remove the watermark in the Word is that it is protected. You cannot make any changes to the Word document if the document has editing restrictions, as explained above. The only way you can edit or remove the watermark is by entering the password of the protected document.

As we applied for the protection on the Word document, it is non-editable. It can only be removed through the password. Follow the same steps as above, but this time instead of clicking on “Yes, Start Enforcing Protection” , you will see an option of “Stop Protection”.

Click on it, and it will ask for the password. Enter the password correctly to be able to gain full editing access to the Word document. Sometimes, we need to get rid of watermarks from our documents. You might have seen watermarks in Word documents, and sometimes, these seem irritating. Therefore, people try to get rid of these using different methods.

Although Microsoft Word has features to add and remove watermark from the Word document, it does not allow the user to remove watermark from a protected document. You can add any text watermark to your Word document using the Custom Watermark option.

Click on the Text Watermark radio button. This enables the option to enter the text as a watermark and customize them. When you add a text watermark in Word, there are several customization options available in addition to adding the text. Let us see them in detail. Language: Microsoft Word has a range of languages ranging from international to regional languages. You can choose to have the watermark in the selected language and script.

Size: This option helps you change the size of the watermark. If you want the watermark to appear smaller in the document, opt for smaller sizes. If you want the watermark to have emphasis and occupy a large portion, larger fonts are preferable. Setting the font size to Auto and Word will automatically resize the text to the dimensions of the document.

Color: This option helps you set the color of the text. Darker shades will add more emphasis to the watermark. Check the Semitransparent checkbox to make the watermarked text even a little more transparent. Layout: You can change the orientation of the watermark to appear either horizontally or diagonally. How to Convert Speech to Text in Word? A step-by-Step Guide. How to Add Columns in Microsoft Word? All You Need to Know. How to Find and Replace in Word?

If you feel like you are not satisfied with the location and orientation of the watermark, you can choose to move, resize, or rotate them. To move a watermark in Word, first, enable the Header and Footer edit mode by double clicking on the header or footer section on a page.

Now, scroll down and click on the watermark. This enables the anchor points around the watermark that helps you move, resize, and rotate the watermark. Once you have resized and moved the watermark to your desired location, you can close the Header and Footer section either by clicking on the Close Header and Footer button or by double-clicking anywhere on the page. Note: In addition to the selected watermark applying to every page of the document, every customization or change you make to the watermark also applies to every page of the document.

You can add a preset Word watermark or custom watermark to the document, like a logo, draft, confidential and more. Then how to remove watermark in a Word document? Actually, you can remove watermarks from Word documents via Microsoft Word easily. Read and learn how to remove a watermark in Word on PC. Here you can get rid of watermark in any Word page freely. Moreover, you can even remove and change the watermark in Word here. In this way, you could remove watermark from PowerPoint file.

Note: You can remove watermark from cover page in Word via above steps too. Be aware that if your Word file contains multiple sections with different watermarks, you need to remove a watermark in Word from one page repeatedly. It is supported to remove watermark from specific pages in Word here. Doing this then removes the applied watermark from the Word document. Try the Complete Word Course for Free! Try it Free!


Microsoft word remove draft watermark 2013 free download

As the header opens, move your mouse to the draft watermark. Step 3: Now, you will see different options for restricting editing. This enables the option to enter the text as a watermark and customize them. Click on the Text Watermark radio button. It may sound unrelated, but when you double-click on the header, you can edit the watermark. We have discussed removing and adding watermarks to pictures and videos several times. You can either use the “Watermark” tool under the section of “Design”.


Microsoft word remove draft watermark 2013 free download.How to Remove Watermarks in Word

Jan 22,  · To remove draft watermark in Word, go to the Design tab, in the Page Background category, click on the Watermark drop-down button. From the Drop-down menu that appears, select the Remove Watermark link to delete it from your document. Option 2 The other option involves launching the Printed Watermark dialog box and removing it from replace.meted Reading Time: 4 mins. Apr 01,  · How to Remove a Watermark from a Document in Word (Guide with Pictures) The steps in this guide are going to help you remove a watermark from a document that you have opened in Word This assumes that the document is editable, meaning that it is not locked with a password. Step 1: Open your document in Word Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. Put your cursor over the watermark until you see a 4-way arrow. Select the watermark. Press the Delete key on your keyboard. Repeat as necessary to remove all watermarks. Select Design > Watermark. (In Word for Mac , select Page Layout > Watermark). In the Insert Watermark box, select No watermark. Double-click near the top of the page to.







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