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And so began massive purges of the deviants that were reminiscent of the ‘witch hunts’ of centuries earlier.

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Whether you never played the game,are looking to add to your ps2 collection or are looking for a fun and unique gaming experience you need Mr. Mosquito in your life! I just hope one day this game sees an HD remaster on current gen consoles or a sequel,it definitely deserves it. One person found this helpful.

I tried a demo of this game in the late 90’s once. It stuck with me since then. It was such a strange and unique idea, I knew I needed to add it to my collection. Overall the game is fun, but sometimes frustrating. While I find the perverted humor entertaining, the game play is a little frustrating at time. The collision detection is kinda weird, so the poor mosquito bumps into things constantly– even when I swear I have him flying straight and he’s not nearly as close to an object as a mosquito should be able to get.

It makes it hard to hit some of the points on the humans in battle. Still, overall, this is a really one of a kind game, and so strange. Bring this out and let friends play it. If they haven’t ever played it before, enjoy their surprise. This game is awesome. You’re a mosquito flying around a single room in the house, trying to suck blood out of sweet spots on a Japanese family. The controls take getting used to, but once you have them down the game becomes pretty fun.

There are things to collect around the room and a few stuff to unlock to give you something to do while exploring the levels. People will think you’re weird if they watch you playing it without knowing what it is.

Loved adding it to the collection. I purchased the item when one was listed as “New”. As a collector i was very disappointed when i realized that this game has not only been opened but there was obviously residue from a price sticker which i suspect was “used”. Immediately after purchasing this item, i emailed the seller to verify that it was a brand new and unopened product, i never received a response even though they shipped it out and once i received it, i realized i had purchased it under false pretenses, I’ve tried to contact them again but still, no response.

Do not purchase from Goodwill. The person who spoke with me was genuinely apologetic. Thank you. Will not play on my Playstation as listed. Sucking blood is challenging, as you must rotate the right analog stick at just the right speed in order to not alert your prey to your actions. It becomes harder as the game goes on and there is a need to achieve balance between blood intake and safely getting away.

Flight control is somewhat poor and it is very difficult to pick up the incredibly tiny power-ups that are distributed throughout the level. The large number of power-ups allow for some level replay value, as collecting them all opens up a new gameplay mode. Unfortunately, this mode is only more difficult than the original and does not offer too much more to the game.

Overall, Mister Mosquito delivers a gameplay experience that is truly original but could stand to gain a little excitement. Overall : I enjoyed playing Mister Mosquito but hesitate to laud it as an excellent game.

It shows a lot of promise in its premise, but the ideas could have been carried out better. I will surely keep this game around to show my friends the range of games that exist, but I doubt that it will keep a place in my PS2 for very long.

Mister Mosquito from Fresh Games is such a game. A game that makes you realize that everything is not a copy of something that has come before it. What size image should we insert?

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Make sure this is what you intended. This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live. Comment and Save Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. Score Breakdown Based on ratings. What Gamespot Users have to say about Mister Mosquito. Rating: 8. A strange but enjoyable experience that literally sucks. Rating: 6. Rating: 5. Interesting concept, BAD storyline and even worse writing.

It’s so Rating: 7. Not as good as it seems Mister Mosquito is a prefect example why some games don’t cross the pond from Japan, and yet this one did. Use your keyboard!


Game mister mosquito for pc

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Game mister mosquito for pc

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