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Raze 3 game for pc.We have reduced support for legacy browsers.

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Raze 3 game for pc


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Raze 3 game for pc. We have reduced support for legacy browsers.


Raze 3 is game made by Sky9 Games and is a sequel to Raze 2. It was made within 3 months and was released on July 10, Customize your character and arm yourself with a vast array of weapons, equipment and abilities and fight Aliens , Zombies and Robots to save the Earth alongside some of your men.

Or become the enemy and fight to destroy it by becoming the Aliens. Like its predecessors, Raze 3 has two campaigns with different stories: one of the humans fighting to save Earth, and one of the aliens fighting to conquer Earth. Each campaign has 15 levels. The overarching story is of a squad of Raze soldiers who discover an alien presence left on Earth with the zombies left over from events of Raze 2.

The aliens have been clearing zombies from their slums hidden in Vietnam in order to activate a new super weapon: the Harvester. While clearing out a mass of zombies, an alien arrives, much to the team’s amazement. They believed that the aliens had been wiped out years ago. After eliminating the zombies, the team tracks the aliens in a mysterious underground facility. There, they accidentally let some aliens hear them, and were attacked. In the battle, the aliens were fought off successfully, and the team recovers vital information, as well as a strange machine that was causing tremors, when they are rescued by an ERT soldier.

After fighting the zombies off, the aliens are trying to escape with the machine. The unit boards the ship that the aliens are traveling on, and launch an attack. But soon, the ship crashes and the team must defend themselves until evacuation arrives. They are covered by sniper fire from Ghost as the team evacuates with the machine.

They bring it to the private labs in the sky to be studied. However, the machine ends up causing some specimens to go berserk, killing the scientist and getting out of their containment units. The player takes care of the “infected” specimens alone, and then goes with the Raze unit to gather plant samples on the ground, which is now covered with alien life that has been converted from original Earth species by the machine, also known as the Harvester. The samples are brought back to the labs, but the aliens have found out where the Harvester is kept.

An all-out attack is launched, but the Raze team couldn’t manage to fight back and the Harvester is stolen. The aliens tried to activate the Harvester as well as fend off humans trying to stop it. The Raze team eliminates all aliens and destroys the Harvester by exploding it, but this triggers a leak in the system, spilling out glowing blue liquid pouring onto a still-surviving alien.

The alien grows nearly double in size with extreme damage resistance, as well as obtaining an ability to control time. Knowing this, the Raze team tries to kill the super-powered alien as they could, only to be brought back in time, even far before the humans discovered the presence of aliens.

The alien tries to kill an ERT soldier the player by strangling them. But Ghost, at which time unveils her true identity as a female, shot the alien with a sniper rifle, disabling the alien completely. The aliens were later kept at bay, and the ERT soldier, with the knowledge from the future, warns the military about the Harvester. They later would remove any existing threats before it could cause harm.

The ERT soldier continued fighting and became a living legend that led the Raze team throughout the years of victory. The story involved in the alien campaign is nearly the same as in the human campaign, but viewed from the alien perspective. Main article: Weapons. Raze 3 features new weapons, some of which are derived from the first 2 installments. Raze 3 has a total of 49 weapons, 10 of which are Premium weapons.

Non-Premium weapons can be unlocked and bought by obtaining stars and credits from completing campaign level s. Raze 3 also features a weapon upgrade system that can increase a weapon’s stats. The upgrades also require certain a amount of stars and credits to be unlocked. As with Raze 2, Raze 3 also features abilities and equipment that can enhance the player’s performance during the battle.

There are 14 Abilities with 3 being Premium contents and 15 Equipment with 3 being Premium contents. Each ability and piece of equipment and their respective details can be found in this page. June 7, Weapons, customization, the heads up display, and a new credit system are revealed.

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