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Untitled — Kms key windows 10 enterprise ltsb


For LTSC the tool still offers the vanilla Thanks I saw option to put some hash vslue in it it never worked also where does the Iso get created.

ISO is created directly beside the tool, you can’t miss it ;. That was referring to how the SVF files are created. Iirc there’s no key prompt, but even if there is one, it can be skipped ‘I don’t have a product key’ hyper-link. Activate Office manually in regular inttervals. I had every single windows 10 edition under the sun!

Shall I DM you? If you go back to this directory – here , there’s a checksum. Download it and verify. Both are same and has no diff xD. Those are official vlsc checksums. You can trust it easily as it’s from wzor. If you’re still paranoid, wait for mvs isos and checksum img.

I’m gonna wait until someone puts up a torrent for both versions. Having a limited data plan sucks for my side. I will be messaging you on UTC to remind you of this link. Parent commenter can delete this message to hide from others. But once updated, both releases of come out the same? Or is there some benefit to reinstalling this rerelease? Sorry if it’s a silly question. If both are updated once installed there is no difference at all.

The link is taken from MDL forums. It’s a mirror of the iso from the original cloudmail link. You can check the SHA-1 against the hashes if you like to verify authenticity. Okay because i read some comments below in this thread about Russian server and hosted on shitty Link. Just wanna make sure. I did one on a virtual machine and it went smoothly. I tried it because I saw people saying you could only do a clean install. Hmm, cloudmail is the only available source to the rereleased iso right now, I’ll update the post if I find new links.

Yeah, the reason I didn’t post the instructions here was I thought that some people wouldn’t be bothered to use the script I am aware of that. As of now, the cloudmail link is the only available link to the updated iso, I can’t reupload because I didn’t download it.

Theoretically it should be better for gaming since there isint any crap on it haha. Also, it does not come with the windows store app as well as the Xbox app. I just tried the 64 bit version, but can’t get rufus to burn it.

EDIT: ok so I redownloaded the iso, this time I was able to burn it to a usb using rufus, I can boot from it, but it errors out during the install process, saying files are corrupt. Try extracting the contents of the iso to the flash drive 7zip can do this and booting from it. The 2nd ISO I did extract so I’ll give it a try, But this is the ISO I was able to get to work with rufus, and it did boot, but the install messed up in the middle saying files were corrupt.

ISO contains both. This is MS’s decision. When installing you willl be prompted to choose N or non-N. Hmm they might have split the N version into its own separate iso when they rereleased it, but I’m sure the original iso the one with the file deletion bug had N and non-N in the same iso. Everything works fine apart from I can’t enable location services.

Hmm, I’m not sure.. When was the last time you updated first two 32bit and 64bit links? If it was in the last 30 days, could you please provide me with the links before you updated them?

I made the post 62 days ago, and updated the links 54 days ago I don’t see why you would want the original link as the original one gives a I downloaded 64bit version from this post one month-ish ago, and i got nice performance increase in games compared to windows 10 pro for some reason, so i just wanted to make sure that nothing has changed and that i download the same version i did one month ago for my new rig.

I see, just run windows update after you installed LTSC and it will download all available updates for you. Installation and activation using kms38 seems ok.

But I have a spare office key, it is ok to use it in this OS, or it may conflict? I didn’t installed nothing yet. I know adgaurd has windows 10 RS5 I really appreciate the LTSC isos uploaded here. Actually, multiple edition isos are official, esp the 1 I mentioned. However, it still receives monthly security updates. It dosent matter what version of the iso you get. Just run windows update after installation and it will get your system updated.

As stated in the title of the thread it is the Rereleased iso Nov as the original one had the file deletion bug and was pulled. And LTSC is what build ? No, its updated as of November Once installed run windows update to get the latest security updates. LTSC is based on windows 10 build Meaning, new features in , will not be available to LTSC Yes, of course you can. This will activate it till Extract the. Then go to settings, and set windows photo viewer as default program for Photo Viewer.

What build number is this? For WMR searches only tell me it requires the creators update which was I believe.

Hey, can I update using an OEM activated normal windows 10 from this and choose keep my apps? No you cannot. You have to do a clean install. Will this install into a VM as it would bare metal?

I want to kick the tires on this before I make it my daily driver. Can language be changed after downloading a certain language? If I download English I can switch to Italian after installation? Or here? It will still work? You aren’t going to be able to hide malware inside an iso while matching the existing checksums.

You’d almost certainly not even be able to find any pattern of bytes that produces the same checksum. And if you did, it would most likely result in something completely unusable.

Don’t download it if you don’t trust it I don’t mean to be rude; it’s an old post and you do a great service for this community. But, I would like to put my mind at ease, so could you please link people verifying that these checksums are legitimate?

Share the link. Add a Comment. Later today i will add Server , the SVFs just got uploaded. I never understood how the tool need to be used? And also does it generates complete Iso? I’m not sure.. Im not sure which version has the bug and which hasnt.

It’s the same idea, just an updated version. I wonder if there is still that bug with disconnecting bluetooth audio in random intervals I beleive the earlier release was an insider preview – could be wrong though. Earlier LTSC is but with the file deletion bug. Ah I see.







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